IT Visionaries

Conversations with CIOs, CTOs, and Fortune 1000 technology leaders.

Robot Revolution: Talking RPA with Executives from UiPath and Jolt Advantage Group

When you picture a robot, what images come to your mind? Is it R2-D2 or C3PO? Maybe a Roomba or the Terminator? That’s not unusual, but mostly that is not real life. In today’s world, we have robots, automation, and A.I. everywhere, just not in the way people think.

Postlight CEO Paul Ford on Writing, Experimenting and Running A Company

When you look at technology today, you can be scared, depressed, excited and impatient all at once. That’s how Paul Ford feels. Paul is the CEO of Postlight, as well as a writer and frequent contributor to publications such as Wired and The New York Times. On this episode of IT Visionaries, Paul dives into what he loves about the tech industry, as well as what scares him. And he discusses building his company, the culture within it, and the exciting projects they’ve worked on for everyone from Vice to The Players’ Tribune to the Obama Foundation. 

Weaponizing Voice Technology and Improving Employee Experience with Dialpad founder and CEO Craig Walker

We are living in a rapidly changing world, one in which technology is creeping into every area of our lives. When it comes to business, that’s mostly a good thing, especially when we’re talking about voice technology. For instance, imagine you’re a sales rep making a call to a potential client. You’re probably worried about how to pitch, what to say and making sure the notes you’re taking about the call are accurate and helpful after the fact. Now imagine that you didn’t have to do any of that. Instead, you could have a call powered by A.I. that’s able to prep you before the call, give you real-time coaching during the call, and provide a transcript and insights that are automatically logged into your system after the call.

From Secret Service Agent to Google Exec to White House CISO to CTSO of Checkr: Cory Louie’s Winding Path in Tech

In today’s world, there is no telling exactly who is in charge of a company’s IT Department. Is it the CTO? Sometimes. But what about the CIO? Yep, they often are the IT czars, too. But at Checkr, it’s neither. Instead, the IT Department falls under the jurisdiction of Cory Louie, Checkr’s Chief Trust and Security Officer.

Talking Through McDonald’s Digital Transformation

This special episode of IT Visionaries was recorded live at Mulesoft Connect in San Francisco where guest host Vidya Peters, CMO of Mulesoft, connected with Frank Liberio, the former CIO of McDonald’s. Together they talk about the process of bringing McDonald’s through a complete digital transformation, the importance of APIs, and much more.

Marketing Trends

We interview innovators and leaders in marketing to deliver you the latest trends and strategies you need to stay ahead.

The Biological Basis of Marketing with Geoffrey Miller, Ph.D.

Most Marketing Trends guests focus on a specific strategy, tactic, or technology. But Geoffrey Miller, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of New Mexico, starts with marketing’s most fundamental question: Why do people buy things?

The Art of International Marketing with Francesco Leone, Founder of Goat Eye Strategy

Francesco Leone has helped some of the biggest brands in the world go international. As a marketing executive with Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Colgate, he helped establish footholds in new markets. He has taken that international experience and uses it to help other brands through his marketing consulting agency called Goat Eye Strategy.

Leading Cultural Transformation with Alexandra Morehouse, CMO of Banner Health

Few things a CMO does are as important as creating or transforming a culture within their team. And yet few things are as poorly understood as how to lead cultural transformation. To learn more about it, we brought on Alexandra Morehouse.

Collaborating Across the C-Suite with Meagen Eisenberg

Meagen Eisenberg is the CMO of TripActions, a corporate travel solutions provider. Prior to TripActions, she spent more than 20 years in high-tech and was previously CMO of MongoDB and VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign. Meagen was recently named Top 50 most retweeted by mid-sized marketers according to AdWeek and Top 25 for B2B Marketing Influencers. She is also on the board of G2 and advises over a dozen tech companies, four of which were acquired this past year.