This short radio piece is a product of my personal fascination with the world of lesser known, but devoted YouTubers. Due to the sheer volume of personal channels on YouTube, many creators’ voices are left unheard in the millions of uploaded videos. Ardelle is a YouTuber whom I have zero contact with but have been following on YouTube for several months. Her channel may not clearly depict anything particularly unique to her 100 or so subscribers, but it is however, an honest expression of Ardelle and of her genuine need to tell her story to an audience- even if hardly anyone is listening. My intent with this piece is to give life to a story where it’s hard to tell if there even is one. In restructuring Ardelle’s YouTube channel as a radio piece, her need to express herself and be heard becomes validated. Ardelle’s self-appointed role as an entertainer is legitimized.


Anthony’s YouTube description simply states, “unboxing and household items demonstrations.” After spending a few minutes on his page you’ll realize that he has a lot more to say than just that. Anthony has uploaded close to 1000 videos in the span of 10 years. He struggles with misophonia, the fear of noise. This struggle permeates throughout nearly every aspect of Anthony’s life. When looking deeper into Anthony’s countless YouTube uploads, you begin to see how important his relationship is to vlogging, and how he uses his space on YouTube as an outlet for the issues that he struggles with on a daily basis.