Birth-Tone is an interactive birth chart frequency generator. Planetary location data is used to produce a unique tone based on the birthday, time, and location of the user. Each frequency is produced using a conversion system that assigns a frequency(Hz) value to each of the 12 zodiac signs.

While there are many ways to link the zodiac to sound, Birth-Tone uses a system called “The Astronomical Scale” created by Roel Hollander. The Astrological Zodiac divides the calendar year into 12 parts. Each part correlates with the 12-Tone Equal Temperament. However, because the zodiacal constellations (i.e. signs) vary in size and shape, each of the 12 intervals vary in size/length. The data used for the length of each of these intervals was calculated by Juan Anthony Revilla and Pierre Bacchus in “L’Astronomie” (1979). With that data, you can assign a tone-span (1200 cents) to each interval. For example, the date span for the constellation “Aries” is 25.48 days which converts to 83.710317225 cents. Birth-Tone begins at 256Hz (Scientific Pitch) and then increases in frequency based on the tone-span value between each interval.

This project was created using p5j.s and Processing.


Sign Hz
Aries 256
Taurus 269
Gemini 282
Cancer 298
Leo 314
Virgo 336
Libra 361
Scorpio 377
Sagittarius 406
Capricorn 432
Aquarius 449
Pisces 470




1. If you already know your birth chart- Skip. If you do not know your birth chart: Create one.

2. Make a selection for all boxes before clicking ‘Submit’. (Use the ‘Unknown’ option if you’re unsure or do not have the information).

3. After submitting, your mouse position will act as a frequency modulator for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Place your mouse pointer in the marked box to return to the neutral frequency.

4. Click the red button once to begin recording. Click again to stop recording. Click a third time to save your recording as a .wav file.


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