David Sutrin

Podcast Producer and Mix Engineer

Birth-Tone (2020)

Birth-Tone is an interactive birth chart frequency generator created in p5.js

Hoover Dance (2020)

Sound design and scoring project for a contemporary dance performance produced in Vancouver, BC.

A Blind Agitation (2019)

Audio/Visual project on ELIZA, an AI therapy program developed in 1964. Includes original scoring, sound design, and dialog recording.

Best Practice (2017)

Six-part podcast series highlighting the experiences of female entrepreneurs in the creative industry.

M/P/J (2017)

Three-part composition of originally recorded piano, violin, vocals, and field recordings.

Dissociative Tim Horton's (2020)

Sound map containing 10 locations of Tim Horton’s with embedded field recordings altered to convey the feeling of dissociation.

Lost YouTube Project (2019)

Podcast project focused on dedicated YouTubers with limited followings.

Picture Time O'Clock (2018)

Interview podcast series exploring the stories behind photos on your camera roll.

Ablia, Obidu (2018)

Experimental electronic album recorded to a 4-track tape deck with digital hardware instruments.

Mission Podcasts (2019)

Podcast editing and mixing for tech podcast network Mission.org

SCHOOL (Ongoing)

Video-based educational platform featuring skill-building classes. Audio recording and editing by David Sutrin.

Never/Still Never (2017)

Two track electronic composition containing vinyl to digital sampling.